Director, Liver Transplant Program

Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN

Rambam Hospital, Haifa, Israel

Family Physician, Winnipeg, Canada

An Industry Executive's Recent Comment

“when a PI turns to Enroll to select a study for their patient, we want our study to be on PI.Enroll - not the bulletin board.”

Kym D Watt, MD

“PI.Enroll will also work for the family physicians and nurse
 practitioners in our region. They need to be more informed
 of the trials available at our site.”

Professor Yaacov Baruch

“It’s wonderful. I wish we had it for all our previous studies.
 We could have enrolled so many more patients.”

Marvin Slutchuk, MD

“Finally, an App that quickly tells me what I need to know
 without having to spend so much time navigating through
 a study center’s web-site or Clinicaltrials.gov.”